Base Shocks Vs Upgraded Shocks And Why You Should Upgrade

If you’re passionate about bringing your vehicle off road it’s likely you’ll want to upgrade your shocks. In this article we will walk you through why it’s so important to upgrade your shocks before going off road and how you can choose the right shocks for your vehicle.


A shock absorber is a crucial part of any vehicle suspension. These means essentially control the up-and-down motion in a vehicle and dampen the energy from a spring system to make sure that the vehicle is not pushed beyond its capabilities. Shock absorbers can turn the energy that is created by hitting a bump into a force that is pushed away from the vehicle and dissipated within fluid throughout the shocks.

Upgrading Your Shocks

As you improve your vehicle for off-roading, it’s likely that you will want items like larger tires. Taking your vehicle off road will also present extra forces that your shocks will need to deal with in order to provide you with great handling on the road. Upgrading your shocks will make sure that your new shock absorbers will handle the up-and-down motion of hitting more severe bumps or managing a larger tire.

One of the top upgrades that many people added to their shock absorbers for off-road use is a coil over shock. This type of shock combined together the spring and the shock suspension system into an assembly that is more uniform. The whole system handles varied terrain better and can dissipate the energy of a large bump much easier.

Additional shocks like a triple bypass shock can make sure that a vehicle can tackle more aggressive obstacles and stay at speed as it is navigating obstacles as well.

Most comprehensive lift kits will come with a mid grade shock to upgrade a typical shock with new reservoirs and to manage the new suspension system which is more aggressive. It’s often wise to consider adjusting this valving system with the help of a mechanic so that you can get the ideal setting for the activities that you value most. If you’re going to be regularly rock crawling, using a supersoft setting with your suspension can be beneficial, off roading in a more traditional sense could require a different shock value.

Consider some of these ideas if you are regularly off-road and you’ve been looking at upgraded shocks.

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