How to deal with hot temperatures inside the car cabin in summer?

When you are leaving your car parked for some time, you need to be considerate of a few things before you leave it there. Things like leaving the car secured and locking everything properly, checking the windows and the trunk is all very important but the most important thing is the temperature of the car. Especially if you are leaving the car on hot summer days and you have not parked the car in shade, the car’s internal temperature can rise to 20 degrees in just ten minutes. These are important figures to understand because when you are leaving people, pets, or your valuable belongings in the car, they are bound to get affected by so much heat.

In the case of the living beings, they can get very much parched and can have some kind of issue in breathing or getting so heated. The plants could easily wilt in such an atmosphere. The pets could get badly affected too, so make sure that you have parked the car in shade and then leave the windows pulled down to let fresh air in.

Our bodies have a natural mechanism of cooling themselves down when it is exposed to so much heat but the condition of heatstroke occurs when your body can no longer cool itself down and it suffers a stroke due to excessive exposure to the heat. The kids’ bodies get heated up a lot faster than the adults. So the best thing to do is to take measures to control the heat getting inside the car.

But when there are no pets or passengers in the car, leaving the window pulled down is not a good idea at all. Therefore, you need to take measures for cooling the car down if you are leaving other things in the car that might include

  • Electronic devices
  • Food
  • Medication
  • Lighters or batteries etc.

These things can get easily damaged when they are left in the car untreated. So the best thing to do is to

  • Get the windows of the car tinted so that there is less exposure to direct sunlight. In such a case, you can get the services of window tinting aurora Co. and get the job done.
  • When leaving the car in the heat, leave the windows of the car down up to a few inches so that fresh air can circulate.
  • Try to park in shade.
  • Make use of towels and reflectors to reduce heat inside the cabin.