Ways to Save Money Before Returning Your Car Lease

Once your car lease contract is about to expire, you have to prepare to return the vehicle. You worry since the inspections might reveal issues with the car that didn’t exist before. The car lease company has the right to charge you for these issues, and take the amount out of your deposit. If you want to avoid paying heavy penalties, these are some tips to remember.

Don’t do the inspection at the dealership 

Request the contractor to come to your place or somewhere else for the inspection. Doing it at the dealership isn’t ideal. When the bosses are around to look at the inspection, the contractor might be too strict. Even if you have a long-standing relationship, it might not matter. However, if you request the inspection to happen outside of the dealership, you can charm your way out. Tell the contractor to ignore minor issues and don’t include them in the report. You might be lucky, and the contractor will agree with you.

Repair the broken parts

The three parts that you have to look into before returning the car are the windshield, tires, and bumpers. If there are problems with these parts, the penalty might be big. For instance, if you return the car with bald tires, you’ll get charged. Deal with this problem before returning the car. Issues with the bumper could take away as much as $1000 of your deposit. You still have time to repair the issue, and you have to do it soon.

Don’t sweat the minor issues

You might worry about scratches and other minor issues. Before you do so, you have to go back to your contract. The leasing company might ignore these problems, and not charge you at all. Repairing them might be way too costly.

Schedule a maintenance service first

Whether you’re driving your own car or a car that you leased, regular maintenance is necessary. You should bring it to the mechanic one last time before returning it to the lease company. It shows that you’ve been responsible for doing your job. It will appear on the records, so you should do it. Besides, the scheduled maintenance might also reveal some problems with the car that you can deal with before returning to the lease company.

Never exceed the mileage

You already know the mileage limit for the car lease. It’s on your contract. Therefore, if you already reached the limit, you need to stop using the car. You might get penalized for every excess mile on the vehicle. The mileage limit is one of the disadvantages of leasing a car. Since you decided to take this route, you should be responsible for following the agreement.

After doing these things, you’re ready to return the vehicle. Ensure that you sign a document indicating that you’re free from any responsibility after returning it. However, if you got involved in an accident before the end of the term, you should inform the lease company immediately. You also need to call a company for Lake Worth towing to help with towing the vehicle away. Go back to your contract to determine what you have to do if you get into an accident.